Forest View High School


Kia Kaha! Kia Toa! Kia Manawanui! - Courage Knows No Defeat!

We always welcome you at Forest View High School.


You are welcome at any time to make an appointment to enrol with us at Forest View High School. We would encourage you and your child to come and meet with us prior to this and have a tour of our school. We are a small school in a lovely setting and our size means we know all of the students and provide individual support for students. Please contact our office and arrange an appointment with a Deputy Principal or Senior Leader.

To enrol at our school, enrol online or contact the office on 07 8865219

Enrol Online

Birth certificate / Passport / Immunisation verification

It is a Ministry of Education requirement that we hold a copy of either a birth certificate or Passport to verify the immigration status of our students. All Year 9 and new students will need to provide us with this, we are happy to copy these for you if original documents come in to school.

Given the Measles outbreak in recent years we are also asking you to let us know if your child has not been vaccinated. This will be added to their record in our student database.  If you would like to share the COVID-19 vaccination status of your child we will also happily record this information.

Fees and Charges

In 2022 we have decided to be part of the Ministry of Education scheme for schools to opt into for donations. This means we cannot charge you for items where there is not a take home component or where things are compulsory for students to be part of. Camps, Sports and other non-compulsory trips and non-compulsory work or exam preparation books can be charged for. Please carefully read any information from teachers about the costs involved in the subjects your students are choosing. We will ask you to sign and return forms agreeing to pay these costs prior to your student being accepted into these courses, trips or sports teams.

The easiest way to pay for your child's school costs is by way of automatic payment. Payments can be made to the following account:

Forest View High School
12 3263 0004998 00

Please add in your students name into the Particulars and the reason for payment into the Code field.

Stationery Supplies

Bulk stationery is no longer sold at Forest View High School. Students are encouraged to purchase this from outside of the school. We do however sell replacement items at Student Services. This includes replacement books, pens, calculators etc. We encourage students to purchase these items before school or during break times.


The only place to purchase uniform is from our onsite Uniform shop which is open every morning and run by Denise Brooks. We have a full range of items for sale. Items must be paid for at the time of purchasing and cannot unfortunately be added to your school account unless this is in credit.

Students may wear any plain black shoes or sandals and plain black socks to school. Please be aware that workshop subjects require closed shoes so students must bring these with them if they choose to wear sandals to school.

If for some reason your child cannot wear the correct uniform it is important for them to bring a note to explain this to their dean. They will then be issued with a uniform exception.

We are encouraging our students to wear their uniform with pride and to demonstrate this pride for themselves and their school in the way they conduct themselves at all times.

See our Uniform Page for further details.