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Year 11 Geography Trip

Year 11 Geography Trip

Year 11 Geography Trip

Year 11 Geography Trip • News • Forest View High School

On a cool but clear morning recently 19 students, myself and Ms Bird loaded ourselves onto two minibuses for the first of two trips to Taupo.  The aim of the trips is to study the use of the Taupo  foreshore and people’s interaction with this important tourist location.

The students have to complete both their field work and follow up class assessment for the opportunity to gain 12 credits overall. With numeracy and literacy credits linked to data they gathered.

The students quickly broke into their groups, having planned previously who would gather what information, while one group quickly found the e-scooters and became tourists for part of their day, all part of the experience!

By 1.30pm we had completed two sets of data gathering and made a cool but safe trip back to school.  I would like to thank Ms Bird for her late fill in for the day and the 19 students for how they both behaved and supported each other in the activity, the boys even had a good choice of music!  Our follow up visit will happen early in term 3.

Mark Bannister

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