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Student Mahi

Student Mahi

Student Mahi • News • Forest View High School

Here are some pieces of Creative Writing from Year 9 students for you to enjoy.

Haunted House 

Boom, strike, the thunder crashes in the sky over the hill where the most creepy house lives.

The house loomed high as if it was looking down on me daring me to come inside. Even though I was terrified I wanted to see if the rumours were true about ghosts living inside.

I crept up to the door and turned the handle and a big wind of dust almost pushed me over WOOSH!.

My knees were shaking everything was shaking I was scared out of my skin thinking everything was so calm and still but then out the corner of my eye I saw something big move I was even more scared to just move a single muscle then I felt something big touch my shoulder, I moved my eyes from side side thinking do I look behind me?

I looked behind me and it was a big giant scary clown laughing with horror because he scared the day light out of me.