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Online shopping options during COVID-19

Avoiding the supermarkets may be a good idea at this time and possibly moving forward. In order to help you with this a whole list of places you may like to shop from during the lockdown has been compiled. We hope you find this useful.

In an attempt to keep you safe and well we have put together a list of websites we know you can order goods through.  Hopefully this will mean you can stay home and avoid the shops.  If you know of anymore please let us know and we will add them to this list:

You can shop through Countdown and New World but these delivery or click and collect spots are difficult to get and should be reserved for the elderly or those who are in the risk categories.


Website Details (delivery days, special requirements)

BidfoodHome is now delivering nationwide.
Not a customer yet? Register at and our team will be in touch to get you set up and ready to order.


Minimum order is $200 exclusive of GST and there is a $10 delivery charge.

You need to place orders by 12pm

You need to register and your account will be set up in about 24 hours.  They sell whole range of food, cleaning products including flour, butter, bread, fruit and meat.

Payment by credit or debit card at this stage

Delivery days to Tokoroa are Thursday

They sell Fruit, Veges and Meat in a variety of Crates or individual pieces.  Fresh and good quality.

Payment by Internet Banking

Delivery to Tokoroa on Thursday

A range of food boxes to feed 1 person to a family. 

These include Milk, Bread, Eggs, Pasta, Tinned Tomatos, Fruit and Veges

Selling a range of organic foods.

Shipping likely to be once a week from Auckland

Selling a variety of prepackaged food stuffs and cosmetics and toiletries

Orders over $75 have free shipping

This store sells a range of speciality products for those on special diets.

Shipping within two days of order to North Island, order need to be in by 12pm.

Shipping a range of packaged essential goods during Lock down.

Unsure of the time it will take for these to arrive

Food boxes in a range of sizes

Wholesale meat sales

A range of organic meat, vegetables and fruit

Asian foods online sales

Able to sell working from home equipment, mobile phones, appliances

Able to sell essential products, home appliances, blankets etc $5 delivery fee

Online bread sales and a range of other goods

Selling a range of essentials including clothing

Selling a range of essential items including clothing

Selling a range of essential items

Selling a range of essential items

Working from home and tech items

Stuff for your Pets

A range of items including meat, fruit and veges

Selling a wide range of goods.  Doesnt appear the food boxes come to Tokoroa but lots of other things do.

A variety of products maybe hand sanitiser too.

Just sells chocolate - many of us would consider this an essential product!

Selling winter essentials including PJ's

Can sell winter essential clothing

All winter essentials including appliances

Ready made meals

Seafood and Meat


Fitness equipment

Ready made gourmet meals

Ready made meals

Essential clothing

Online nappies and incontinence products Supply of a range of products Cookie time range of products online sales Meat sales Fruit sales Fruit sales Fruit sales including avocados Lollies Food boxes A directory site with a range food sites

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