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Chemistry Trip

Chemistry Trip

Chemistry Trip

Chemistry Trip • News • Forest View High School

On Friday the 4th June, our Year 13 Chemistry class was given the opportunity to visit Oji Fibre Solutions at Kinleith Mill to learn about the Chemistry involved in the Kraft Pulp and Paper Process. We were lucky enough to be given a presentation by a panel of speakers including FVHS former student Morgan Pourau, alongside recent graduates who explained to us what they do in their line of work. We were also given a tour of their laboratories which are used to test the quality of the pulp and paper produced in the mill and heard from the scientists that work in these labs. 

This was an amazing experience where our students were given a special insight into the chemical processes behind the paper and cardboard we see in our everyday lives. The information from this visit will be used by students to explain the chemistry behind the Kraft Pulp and Paper process for our current Chemistry assessment. We would like to thank Oji Fibre Solutions and those people who made this trip possible as it was a priceless experience which showed the career opportunities which are available from studying science. Below are some photos from our visit.

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