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COVID-19 - Alert Level 2 and Forest View High School

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Kia Kaha! Kia Toa! Kia Manawanui! - Courage Knows No Defeat!

Learning at home

Learning at home

Kia ora whanau and welcome to Term 2,

This is a page where we will share links and other information with you regarding learning at home for our students.  Students are all encouraged to email their teachers directly - all email addresses are on our Staff page on this site.  Students need to be checking their school emails regularly.

Check out our welcome back video to our students:

Students with jobs need to be reminded that you must resume your usual part time hours now that school has restarted.  It is a requirement of law that you attend school and employers must return your hours to your usual schedule.

The Ministry of Education has set up a new website to help us with learning from home there will be more information that will be added to this site:  

There has been a TV channel set up for students to be able to watch.  There are programmes on there suitable for students in year 9 and 10, younger children and parents.  Details of the schedule and channels can be found at the above learning from home website.

Forest View High School teachers have been asked to be available to respond to questions and work with students from 10:30am to 3pm each school day.  This does not mean the entire time but it means students can expect a response during time and for any zoom or live sessions to be run only during these hours.

Each class has one scheduled face to face session with their teacher each week during the time we are unable to be at school.  These will be recorded incase a student misses this for some reason.  Please note that attendance at the sessions is expected.  Absences will be chased up with students and parents by Arataki teachers and our Senior Leaders.


How we are helping students learn from home

Trades courses
Students are to be on line with their Trades Tutor at 9.30am on the SAME DAY as you would normally have your course. This is to set you up for the day.
Most students have been contacted by Tutors.

Google classroom codes
Ms Toy classes:
9Rimu - cfvyhl7
10Kea - zdyrk7u
11English - nxcx5pf

Miss Paiti class:
Year 11 English - 3353o5c

Whaea Ngaire class:
English code is : hsotr3p

Mrs Toy classes:
Level 2 English  - 5ja55vt
9Tawa English - utlz6bf
Level 1 English - b7zdiaz

Ms Lazar classes:
Level 2 English: ulvx2rt
Level 3 English: 3hxcddo

Ms Tipuna classes:
10 TUI and 10 MOA: d6fvpl7

Paper maths resources were also sent home with students

Mr Garmonsway class:

Year 9 Math - xisdce5

Mr Paurini class:

11 Maths - miqfuzz

Ms Umaki classes:

Junior 5B - 2mvzvrg

Junior 6A - j3v2x2t

Junior 4B - hyjytuj

12MFL - iq27sus

12 Mathematics NCEA Level 1 - k3moqnr

Calculus level 3 - 5gm5eoi

11 Statistics - mmkh5cy

11 Mathematics  - yjofhb

Mrs Potoru-Kawhena classes:

10 Math - qkfvju6

L1 Math - cbba32i

L2 Math - aenjii7

Mr Kiss classes:

Year 13 Statistics - 6aotna2

9Rimu Maths - or5klb3

9Kauri Maths - 24qp4cs

Mr Tasi class:

10 Tui Maths: m46ymyt


Google classroom and emailing students the theory paperwork. Students are to catch up with their paper work for all the practicals done so far.

Google classroom codes

Mr Belfield

10 MTL -dcrlvt4

Automotive -nubyptf

9 MTL -kyofxth

Hard Materials -y34in54

Mrs Menon:

9Food - 4taylhg

10Food - vamlgct

11Food - pzxbf56

12Food - 2tsvncp

13 Food - kd5wwqz

Mr Menon:

12 Graphics - gup544r

13 Graphics - cfjnynz

11 Building - u2bexwb

12 Building - klezeik

13 Building - jn5drvf


Senior Art students have set up and are communicating by a Facebook Group. Also by emailing one another via our school email system.  Where possible Art packs were sent home with students

Business Studies
Business students will need to access Yes and iQualify.  

Google classroom codes:
Year 12 & 13 Business Studies - f5ndqy6
Year 11 Business Studies - d6vvktr

All learning materials are on Google Classroom

History Level 3: af4y5fa
History Level 2: od7jjal
History Level 1: vdolh6i
Senior Websites:
Google Classroom - 
Learn Coach - 
No Brain Too Small - 

Junior Websites: 
Education Perfect -  

All learning materials are on Google Classroom

Mr Teague Google classroom codes:
11Science = 36k3w7m
12Phyics = xnhkbvn
13Physics = xhnoxad
12Science = m33t63e

Miss Stanton Google classroom codes:
Year 9 Science: fvy2r4a
Year 10 Science: 4qp2zvi
12 Bio: a2363vp
13 Bio: xqnwqjf

Miss Tilsley Google classroom codes:
Yr9 Science: vecmzbt
Yr11 Science: fkuyby2
Yr12/13 Science: jifze7b
Yr12/13 Chemistry: pl4n3mp

Mrs Joyce Google classroom code:
10 Science - pp2zt6s

Whaea Ngaire Google classroom code:
Science class code is: us4vek6

Mr Garmonsway Google classrom code:
11 Science - eyxpepd

Mrs Earnshaw Google classroom code:

This gives the students guest access to the library. On this page there are some useful websites listed. 
There is also a link to the Wheelers e library where students can borrow books. The web address for this site is Students and staff login with their computer username and password. For students this is their normal username and password. They are able to download books onto devices. There are a wide range of books
You are also able to download the Wheelers app for access to more books

The EPIC database which you can access from the Library website has the following username: forest
password: viewhigh
All subjects

Cook Island Maori

All resources shared on Google Classroom

Year 9 CIM - hl2hgb7
Year 10 CIM - csiinak
Year 11 CIM - 62q3q4q
Year 12/13 CIM - oge7jqo
Te Reo Maori

All resources shared on Google Classroom

Year 9     pnb37qd
Year 10   un2hibj
Year 11   cosz3s5
Year 12   cbkzer7
Year 13   6m4m3ao
PE and Health

All resources shared on Google Classroom

Year 10 PE and Health
Mr Tasi - 3axlgrj
Mrs Joyce - y77vfcl
Mrs Teao - vcmeyxa

Mr Parauni
Year 9 PE - k4ejkbb
200 High Performance - metwjjg
300 High Performance - 5vclec6
300 Outdoor Education - mbjgjhm

Mrs Joyce
11PE - zjvbe2z
10HPE -  y77vfcl

Mr Garmonsway
11 Fitness Studies - opdjqvq
12 FitOED - nrgxklq

Mr Treasurer
L2 & 3 Combined Health - huui6pk
L1 Health - 7kdtwsn
Year 9 Health (83A) - 6wocjrf
Year 9 Health (84A) - 2qfpswy
Year 9 Health (82A) - pbyw7vi
GeneralAll students have Education Perfect available to them.

All students are encouraged to complete sections in MyMahi

Google Classroom codes:

13Arapuni - cwscfqm

10Arapuni - 333r3w6

12 Whakamaru (Google classroom) f5tyx4f
12 Whakamaru (My Mahi) WKynJLWXcA

13 Maraetai - hvo5hki
11 Maraetai - eyovnpk
13 Maraetai - nzyt3kn

9 Ohakuri - q7w66q5

10 Ohakuri - jvhpllv

11 Ohakuri - c4gxwtn

12 Ohakuri - 5srrrf2e    
13 Ohakuri - m6pxu46  

 Digital Technology

Google classroom codes:

L1 Business Admin - hu7w2hc
L2 Business Admin - ywgxiyf
L3 Business Admin - 2t3cvwh
L2 Digital Technology - docnl6r
L3 Digital Technology - oekqk4x

Google classroom codes:
Level 3 - yegyxhb
Level 2 - dfapscd
Year 10 - ncjbwcl
Google classroom codes:
MPA - zvrv2vv 
Electric Vehicles - rcazdiu
Agriculture - all students have been emailed by your tutor with your Google Classroom details - 4kg7mlo
Google classroom code:
Homeroom - fzle6ed
Google classroom codes for each year level:
13 Careers Hub  - 3jlmqo7
12 Careers Hub  - qboicwj
11 Careers Hub  - llsqqkm
10 Carers Hub  - prsljt6
9 Careers Hub - hvlqblg
Tourism - 44 auhwv
General Studies
General Studies: weiduzv
9Music - zz3ezr3
12Music - f72gcuuuz7

13 Music - l6grtnv 


Pre-course reading for a Level 3 Health and Safety course.  Mrs McGovern has all the information about this course.